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Cattle Herding 101


Learn the fundamentals of how we keep those 'doggies' rollin!  Completing one of these clinics can lead to being part of our off-ranch cattle drive! Join the crew for a post clinic BBQ to share in all you learned!

  • $169.50/pp includes clinic, BBQ and HST!
  • Starts promptly at 10:00am - come earlier to do paperwork and prep the horses!
  • 4 Guest limit (depending on ability)
  • Must be able to post/sit the jog
  • SOLD OUT: Sat June 8th Cattle Herding 101 Clinic
  • SOLD OUT : Sat July 20th Cattle Herding 101 Clinic
  • Can I join the Sat Aug 17th Cattle Herding 101 Clinic
  • Can I join the Sat Sept 14th Cattle Herding 101 Clinic
  • Can I join the Sat Oct 5th Cattle Herding 101 Clinic
  • Private Cattle Herding 101

    If you can pull together a group of your friends (max 4 in total), we can provide you with a Private Cattle Herding Clinic.  Same fee and food as above!  I would like to book a Private Cattle Herding 101 Clinic...

    Teach Your Horse About Cattle

    If you want to teach your horse that cattle are not going to EAT them, we can provide you with Private Cattle Sessions. Using the strength and trust of our horses alongside yours, we provide you with the ability to calmly close in on the herd with an equally quiet way out! Talk to us about setting your horse up for success!

    I would like more info on Private Cattle Sessions...

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