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Mark Your Calendars: Events for the 2018 Riding Season


Spring Drives

We have a new cattle drive this season! The Spring Sort 'n' Move drive requires riders who have worked cattle with us before. We will sort out a smaller herd with their new babes and move them from the Home Ranch yards into the Hills. May not seem like a long trip to you, but because the babes are so young and new to being moved, this drive requires patience and capable horsemanship!

The fee for the Spring Sort 'n' Move is $150.00 + HST - includes the drive and a meal back at the Ranch! Be ready to ride at 10:00AM - DO NOT BE LATE!  We ride rain or shine.

Off-Ranch Drives

We have set the dates for our ever popular off-ranch cattle drives for this season!

This year, in order to come on our off-ranch cattle drives, you must have ridden with us before so that we can match you with the right horse and the right job!  Because of the stress of the day and responsibility on each wrangler to do their job, these drives are no longer open to beginners.  (We have set up some on-ranch cattle drives to teach you wranglers-in-training on how to participate in a drive - see below.)

Book soon so as not to be disappointed:

The fee for our Drives are $150.00 + HST - includes the drive and a meal back at the Ranch!  

Be ready to ride at 9:00AM - DO NOT BE LATE!  We ride rain or shine.   Ask us about staying over the night before at discounted B&B rates!

Cattle Herding 101 - On-Ranch Cattle Drives

Because our cattle drives are so popular, we have set up a few on-ranch cattle drive dates. These are for people who want to learn about what it takes to sort and move a herd of cattle including the responsibility of the various roles played by the crew.

The fee for our on-ranch drives is $150.00 + HST - includes a meal back at the Ranch! Check the calendar for specific start times

Private Cattle Herding 101

If you can also pull together a group of your friends (max 4 in total) and we will provide you with a Private Cattle Herding Clinic.  Same fee and food as above!  I would like to book a Private Cattle Herding 101 Clinic...


We often take a trailer full of horses and spend a half day or more in the Dufferin County Forest. We can take two types of riders:

  • The Lopers - good for those who know how to lope and love doing it over a distance
  • The Joggers - a slower more scenic option where you can work your way up to a lope as the group progresses

In either case,  you have to have ridden with us before so that we know what horse to bring for you! The fee for the ride is $150.00 + HST - this includes your horse and the trucking!  Limit 4 riders.  Please bring your own sandwich, we pack water on the horses...

Can I Book a  a County Forest Ride! We will work out dates and times!

If you have your own horse, why not join us on a County Forest Ride - we will guide, you pick the group you want to ride with! All we ask is that you are an OEF member!


Saturday August 11th, 2018: Join us at Trail Ride for Breast Cancer Aug 11 at the Dufferin County Forest!  If you would like to ride in this very important fundraiser, why not join the Rawhide Crew!  Can I Book a spot on the Breast Cancer Ride?

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