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Due to the restrictions and issues brought on by COVID-19 our lessons require that masks be worn because of the need to be within the 2M/6ft social distancing requirement for a large part of the initial lessons.

Riding Lessons for Young and Old

We are pleased to provide western pleasure riding lessons for children and adults.

Did you love horses as a child and now as an adult finally have the time to be generous to yourself and see what riding is all about? Did you always dream of riding in the Rockies but were afraid that you couldn’t do it because you weren’t a rider? Are you afraid of being bitten or kicked by a horse? Concerned that the best place for a horse is on the other side of the fence?

Our experience from providing trail rides over the years has given us a great deal of insight into people’s love and fear of horses. The fear list sure is a lengthy one: from being thrown as a child or adult, to being kicked or bitten. We feel compelled to provide a means for people to come out and conquer their fears. We will take our time with you from brushing basics to feeling comfortable just hanging out and when you are good and ready we will get you up and riding at your speed!

Note: Children MUST be 10 years of age or older. An Indemnity Agreement and Waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian before the first lesson commences.

Western Pleasure Horsemanship Lessons...What to Expect:

Our very first lesson will include a one hour corral assessment to figure out where you are at.  Once we know that, we talk about goals and set up a schedule of rides.

In a nutshell, our goal is to get the rider comfortable with horses from the ground on up. On the ground we learn about respect and communication. In the saddle we build riding skill sets and eventually take those skills out on the trail with our trail riding lessons where practice makes permanent!

Generally, the way our lessons work is as follows:

  • Horsemanship: 15 min - 1/2hr before riding: learn to catch, lead, groom, saddle and bridle
  • Riding Skills: We start in the arena or corral with the concept lesson - which is focused on a particular skill (i.e. sitting the jog). Once the rider understands and is able to 'master' the concept (may take more than one concept lesson), then in time, we may venture out (on trail) to practice that concept before we move onto the next skill.
  • Horsemanship: 15min - 1/2hr after riding: unbridle, unsaddle, massage/groom, release

The rider should expect to spend an hour and a half per lesson. Our lessons are currently $50/hr Private or $30/hr Group.

Once we get into a rhythm we find that we will spend less time in the corral and more time on the trail putting all our skills to practice providing insights into what to expect on the trail – like dealing with steep hills, riding through creeks and handling slides.  This is a great introduction or re-introduction to horseback riding!    Send us an email to find out more...!

What To Wear:

Wear jeans and boots with a heel and a light jacket as required. Please bring your own properly fitted helmet.  For more details see What to Wear!

Note: Children MUST be 10 years of age or older. An Indemnity Agreement and Waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian before the first lesson commences.

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