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Well Howdy Wranglers!

I LOVE that you are more excited than even we are that the riding season is about to start! For the first time in my career here we had calls in February to do the River Ride Challenge. The phone has been uncommonly busy, clinics are booking early and there is just a buzz in the air. And every day, that is the topic of discussion here - the weather. Everything we do, day in and day out is so dependent on Mother Nature.

By Feb 28th the songbirds started coming back, the first big flock of geese, the racoon babies and certainly our cows have been on a tear with 45 calves on the ground as I write this. That is about double what we normally would have by this date in the calendar. I am more curious to know how did the cows and bulls know all of this last spring when it was time to breed?

Nature never ceases to amaze, one reason why living out here is so interesting. And over decades of doing this, slowly I begin to realize that there is nothing I can do about it, so you just live with it and take it all in stride.

December and January are all but a distant memory, yet those were really hard months. Hard on the creatures, the super cold rain followed by really cold air, everyone just had to tuck their tails and get through it. Now, coming out on the other side, they all look great and are ready to shed their hair and get on out to grass.

We have no new additions to the horse herd yet, really comfortable with who we have and how they are doing. It is completely amazing how friendly and eager to work these hoses are, ready to look after their riders, including me of course, without any fuss at all!

You can see them all on our Facebook Page that Nikki keeps updated with videos and pics. This is, I have you know, the first time for me to engage in the social media stuff, yet we get so many comments on it, I just have to get more savvy. If I would just know how to find it myself, but I digress. We all have our strengths and aptitudes; social media is just not mine.

Going back to the early calls for adventurous riding, I feel really bad that we had to cancel so many of the bookings. I know how disappointed folks were, you plan your getaway, hard enough to find time off of work and other life responsibilities only to have the Trail Boss call you the night before letting you know the weather is just not cooperating up here. Matter of fact, with ice, rain and snow, and then beautiful sunshine, the footing for the horses is so strange and risky that we might have to close down for the winter months completely. Such as it is, from Christmas til Easter there seems to be not much point.

It is also that time for those of you who are thinking about ordering your Grass Fed 'n' Finished Beef, seven weeks left to make that decision to order. The group is looking great coming through the winter, unless drought conditions prevail, after a summer of lush green grass, the weights will be right on.

It is hard to believe that for over 50 years now we have been producing beef and selling directly to families! Our weak spot is the timing of home delivery on the arranged delivery date, traffic and all. We are getting better and can give updates to your cell phone during the day as to where we are so you have a better idea when we will be at your door.

We are looking for some help again this year, either an experienced Trail Guide or a Ranch Hand, if you know of someone willing to learn lots and work hard 5 days a week, room and board can be provided, please pass our info onto them.

Normally the beginning of March is the time of year, where winter wears on you and there is some feeling of drudgery in the pit of ones stomach. This year it is excitement and anticipation of green grass, and beautiful trails, and wonderful horses.

Not believable but we are getting a head start on getting the trails ready, chainsaws are working and the season is all but upon us.

Please, come out and ride with us, (re)discover the beauty of the Escarpment and enjoy these truly gentle and wonderful horses.

Know that you are most welcome.

Until Then, Happy Trails!



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