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Well Howdy Wranglers!

Before I get to telling you all how beautiful and green it is out here I have to talk about the ever growing burr I have under my saddle, a burr that I have sat on for a couple of weeks now and it just does not get any less prickly!

Here is how I see it:

We hosted a 3 night “Bed and Bale” for 4 women and their own horses. The plan was that they stay here in our B&B and their horses would have the option to either stay in our barn or better yet, take advantage of the lush green grass in the corral by the house. They would be off to do their own thing riding at Mono Cliffs and Dufferin Forest on Saturday, again on Sunday and then leave on Monday to a Hunt Club event.

Pretty simple you’d think! They arrived with 2 trailers, 4 horses and all kinds of stuff, and not getting into all the finer details, things went down hill from there!

I cooked and set out a scrambled egg breakfast Saturday morning, (never laid claim to being a great chef); put the fruit salad, freshly cut the night before, out half way through breakfast instead of at the beginning (oops, my bad). Sunday, helped NJ make fresh pancakes, sausages and local jams and alike with toast and coffee, and it all got eaten, no leftovers. I spent at least a ½ hour every evening in the saloon with them, asking how their day went, learning about their riding misadventures etc., never a complaint or hint of dissatisfaction. And their horses happily grazed in our corral. When they left, three of them said ”Thank you so much, what a great place”.

The point of all of this is the review we got on Trip advisor: A big fat zero with remarks like: … worst place ever; … didn’t even allow us to use their trail network; …we even had to pay a guiding fee; …stalls have no rubber mats, some with no hooks …Lacking hospitality, serving stale fruit salad, …frozen pancakes …No locks on the bedroom doors, a crack in the window covering between their bedroom and our living space (could let us know or hang a towel over it until we could fix it) – but not a single comment made during their stay!

To complain anonymously is cheap, vindictive, and completely cowardly. It’s like me calling you a lousy lover to your friends, family and business associates even so I never met you! To add to the insult: the first review was in fact taken down after NJ responded to it and was replaced with a slightly (2 stars) better one - "service" being the issue despite even providing ATV delivery service to and from their trailer for their personal luggage and effects!

Point of all of this is that in my opinion any anonymous review is as cheap as my after-shave. I’d rather have a redneck as a friend anytime instead of the two-faced, back stabbing, ungrateful so-called-horse-people who stayed with us and ‘endured’ our hospitality for 3 nights! If door locks, matted stalls, and 5 star food and accommodations were that important, they should have gone somewhere else!

And with regards to our trail network, nowhere, at any time, anywhere did we leave any thought that you could ride here without a guide. We are very protective of our landowners and their good will towards us. We in turn take our responsibility of care and due diligence, great horses and super knowledgeable guides very seriously. Might I point out that Shawne, the organiser and guide of the foursome, had a rider come off of her horse with the next one so close that they were hit by the same branch! Maybe she should come back here for our Trail 101 Clinic to learn how to trail ride safely, respectfully and responsibly – but on second thought there are certain people who will just never learn.

There… (Heavy Sigh), I think I rode that one out!


So Howdy Everyone! It is June, haying will keep us super busy! (Anyone wants to lend a hand with small squares, let us know!), We are also getting ready for the South Ranch cattle drive on the 23rd (there is still some room to ride). The cows and calves are out and looking great, as do the horses. April was really tough on them, most of them dropped some weight with the super cold rain and ice, yet 4 weeks on grass and they are all as gorgeous as ever. Check out our Facebook page, so nicely managed by Nikki, always updated with new videos and pictures of the life and work out here.

We welcome Samuel McClish to our crew, cowboy from Quebec, making us better every day. Come on out and speak some Mother tongue with him, he sure misses it and my two words just make him cry! He has great stories from his time on the Gang Ranch in BC.

To those that ordered our Grass Fed 'n' Finished Beef,, we thank you! The yearlings are out and enjoying a summer of lush green grass, the weights will be great this year! We will be in touch with you in mid-July for any missing Butcher Forms or information to make the delivery processing August as smooth as possible!

We are excited about this season and our life here; always grateful to you all, well most of you all, because you’re coming out to enjoy this super beautiful area, the best Mother Nature has to offer.

Our Master organiser NJ is keeping us all productive and scheduled, what a relief compared to my times of inadvertently double booking and then having to apologize for my mistakes. Hope to say “Howdy “ to you in person sometime this summer, stay healthy and happy and appreciative of the beautiful Province we live in!

And, please be kind to the people that look after you – they are doing the best they can!

Until Then, Happy Trails!



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