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Well Howdy Wranglers!

Happy spring everyone... as happy as one can make it. 

Thank you to my friend Sandra Mason who pointed out that my Sandpiper in the last Ramblings actually is a Killdeer.  Still a wonderful bird and display of nature,  I should have known.

It has also been pointed out to me that I did not come across very empathetic to the current situation faced by so many people in my last Ramblings.   Please know that I am.  I just figured since the news is on 24/7 that I did not want to add to the stress but rather tell a different story. No doubt my heart goes out everyday recognizing the stress. The tornado in 1985, interest rates in 1988, divorce, 9/11, mad cow disease in 2008, am very familiar with the real pain of life and circumstance.  I do not forget we are in it together!!!!! #worldstrong #NovaScotiastrong

A slow and cool April leaves the pastures short and the cows in their winter pens for another 10 days or so! Yet it gave opportunity to spread manure and get caught up on many of the things the early snowy November of 2019 made us put on the shelf til this spring.  Mild as winter was as a whole, all creatures have good body condition and the calves and yearlings are growing well.

On our grass-fed freezer beef side of life, we sold out of our May delivery (thank you!) but it appears that we have one beef still available for August delivery.  We have done this now for over 40 years and Natalie and I will deliver it to your door, processed to your instructions!  If you ever wondered about putting beef in your freezer please look us up!  Sides and Splits - all the beef cuts from the retail counter for about the price of burger!  Guaranteed tender, if you invite me to cook it for you! 

Our Riding Adventures are staying closed until June now, adhering to the provincial guidelines and fully supporting physical distancing.  For those of you who know how to ride and miss access to a horse check out our leasing program: your own horse to care for and ride and you only need to sign up through to the end of October.  Email us if you are curious.

I get to meet so many great people from all walks of life being the Trail Boss of Rawhide.  One of those people who has come here for about 18 years now is Susan Marlow. Something was on my mind and I initiated the question, generically: Do “good deeds” “paying it forward” have an impact other than the deed itself?  Then I learned from her that, in order to honour her Dad’s service with the Canadian Peacekeepers in the 1950’s in Cambodia she built a water well, pictured here...

Such a great thing! We concluded that deeds and paying it forward is much like the concept of six degrees of separation. Nobody knows who gets inspired by what one is exposed to.

Reminds me of a story Carrie Oliver once told me. Her being in a super foul mood, rainy day foggy and miserable as she pulled up to the toll booth on San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate bridge. She could not see one end from the other, bad hair day and all, ready to throw the fee into the box when the attendant said: “ no need to pay Ma’am, the gentleman in front of you already paid for you!” WELL, did that small action ever change HER day and now she pays an extra toll every time she crosses the bridge, putting not only a smile on the face of the driver behind her, but on hers as well.

Deeds are like six degrees of separation.

Stay safe and same and don't forget to give your Honey a squeeze! (and wash your hands... )

Until Next Time, Happy Trails!


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