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Well Howdy Wranglers!

Welcome to the most colourful season Mother Nature has to offer - Fall!

Late August was surprisingly lush, especially considering how slow and, colour dull, spring was. After the super dry late June and July, the recent rains have rejuvenated pastures and hayfields, we are so lucky indeed. Cows and calves look great out there, shiny and black, and clearly preparing for the inevitably looming fourth Canadian season. (“Winter is Coming!”)

It has been a most remarkable year to date, really an emotional learning curve I was not ready for. As some of you know the Ranch here was devastated by the tornado in 1985 and living through the consequences of such an overwhelming event, every news cast draws on the compassion for those people, regions and countries where Nature wields its tremendous power, be it the storms or fires out west, or even here in Ontario, the fear is so real, I feel it every time I turn on the TV. With that compassion comes the realization that you just cannot help everyone out there, yet their pain is being shared, understood and felt by so many who have also been subjected to much of the same fear and feeling of hopelessness. One thing was true for us here, it will get better, might take some time, but it will get better.

Our summer started with the wonderful people of Camp Concord - Concord in the City. Camp Concord hosts a summer camp focussing on social and life skills development for individuals with special needs . Nikki organized a three week long session where these young adults could come and be with our horses and ride!

My sister Caty, who has spent most of her adulthood working with folks like this in Europe, was always full of stories of love, happiness, amazing experiences and unadulterated joy, purity of feelings etc. that I was not afraid of this experience.

But, nothing so prepared me for this: I made a friend named Patrick! The first day Patrick came he hardly looked at me and kept a clearly communicated distance, even when I wanted to help him up on Maggie, he did not want me to do that but Mel, in her capacity as a counselor, had to come and assist.

Leading Maggie through the bush and fields, I kept turning my head back and talk to Patrick with really no response. Day two for him was not much different, yet he studied me more. Day three, as we were walking out, maybe 30 minutes in, I felt a touch on my shoulder, turned my head only to see the biggest smile ever, Patrick wanted to show me how he was petting Maggie’s mane. What I was not prepared for, and fail to understand yet, was the crazy and unexplainable warmth and happiness that washed over me when Patrick reached out!

So completely outside of my “Crusty” experience base, well, any experience base. I struggle to put that moment into words, as you can well tell, so I am just grateful for the experience, and for the big hug I got from Patrick when he knew he would not come back this year.

Summer has had us hopping here!

Haying was done and in in record time due to our fabulous crew! Sam “The Fencer” McClish and now Zoe, our intern from Europe, are sure leaving their mark! Both are exceptional on horseback, each in their own way and so many non-horse projects are getting done, I feel like I am just no longer needed. Just kidding! It is so wonderful to see such hard working and focused young people - building their experience base and actively building their lives. We are the lucky ones to have them share their summer with us!

And speaking of sharing time with us: a shout out has to go to Kim from Quebec, who stayed with us for a total of 17 days, hard working, she just loves the horses, speaking perfect “Polish” (in house joke) and quite capable with English as well! We so enjoyed having her here and hearing/watching her unadulterated love and appreciation for our equine friends.

NJ and I spent some "quality time" and delivered out all the beef orders. Thank you to all who continue to support, and spread the word about our grass fed beef program and allow us to deliver to your home. We are proud to be raising it for you.

August ended with our newest adventure: Wrangler-in-Training Kids Camp - our first day-camp in many years! Suited for kids between 10 and 15 - we had a limit to the number of campers by design - and truly believe that everyone grew in leaps and bounds in their riding skills! Thanks to all the kids for making this such a success!

More horse stories to come next time, back to school it is! Please come ride with us before the snow flies, would love to have you here and show you our wilderness, just 20 minutes from a four lane highway.

Until Then, Happy Trails!


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