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Well Howdy Wranglers!

WOW! It is 2020!

We have celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah and are about to celebrate the year of the Rat, the prosperous, adventurous and curious Rat! Congratulations to all on making it here, into January!  My sincere wish for you all is: happiness, health and peace on earth. But also to recognize on what a great country we live in, how many truly “first world” problems we take way to seriously and that a small deed of kindness can truly brighten up an otherwise dreary winter day.

I struggle with my own advice to myself with regards to empathy. I feel exhausted by the sheer overwhelming need for empathy. Whatever I turn on or look at, my tank of “feeling” is being emptied at a record pace. I know some of the things that make me weep are far away and there is nothing I can do to help. Yet having gone through an F4 tornado here at the Ranch in 1985 and never forgetting the completely overwhelming sense of complete despair that the storm caused in me, it was equally overwhelming how the nearby and larger community rallied around all of us in desperate need for labour, food, water and comfort. So maybe, as I write this, the answer lies right in front of my eyes. Maybe I have to put faith in the communities in faraway places to help their own, and in return I have to focus on being more active in my own community to help support those who need it...

I was out to supper with NJ one evening last year, I was wearing our Ranch Logo’ed shirt when half way through my appetizer a lady touched my shoulder to get my attention and then asked in a rather intense voice if we worked with cows. I turned to her and got up off my chair figuring it was just good manners not to sit down while a lady who addressed me was standing. Somehow her voice shook a little after that, enough to have others notice our conversation. Clearly she did not approve of our occupation yet got quieter as I explained that our land is not really suited to anything other than haying and grazing.

NJ always says that once I get going I sometimes do not know when to shut up. Many of you know the rough country we call home here in the beautiful Mulmur Hills, and you also know about my wordiness when explaining things:  So I carried on, told her about our grass-fed beef, how our cows are outside doing what cows do 24/7, how our horses live like a herd and not in stalls, how we feel that the Ranch is a carbon sequester, how we use solar and use as little fossil fuels as we can, that operations like ours help biodiversity, manure helps us not to use artificial fertilizer or pesticides and that the Ranch located in the beautiful Niagara Escarpment is home to endangered and threatened species like the Bobolink. I told her about our light soil and that it is best not to work it but allow the cover of green to capture rain and sunshine to feed our stock and the root systems are building organic matter.

By this time I could no longer ignore NJ’s increasingly energetic kicks at my shin and shut up. The Lady looked a little perplexed and then said she did not realize how involved all this is and thanked me for my time before she turned and left. The encounter left me more convinced than ever that shopping local and asking questions will not only save money but let you feel right about the products we buy and stories that comes with them!

As some of you might know, we all made major home moves late last year and Wrangler Nikki is now settling in the main Ranch house.   We are so proud of her, taking on more Ranch/Rawhide responsibility all the time.  Most recently she is taking on all the Rawhide Bookings and calendar organising - for a Ranch as diverse as ours, this can get pretty daunting.  And of course, she is training our new addition, a Quarterhorse mare named Zuma, who will take out her first riders this coming spring. 13 years wise and strong we hope she finds her fans who will request her once they have ridden her.  NJ has added two cuties to her lesson string, Santana (mare) and Bandit (gelding), and will have them ready for a great fair-weather riding season!

Next on the Ranching Agenda is getting ready for our calving season. The cows look great, after November’s wintry weather it has been a fairly easy time so far for them, generally frozen ground and easy temperatures. Our better than average hay also makes a big difference and we are hoping for super healthy and growthy calves!

We hope many of you will come out when the riding season opens, as soon as the weather breaks likely late April, and watch our new crop of calves grow!

That is it for now, stay safe and happy until our paths cross again.

Please keep an eye out for our events calendar and the grassfed beef updates coming to our websites and your mailbox soon!
PS: April 1st is coming up soon - make sure you plan something spectacular!

Don't forget to give your Honey a squeeze!

Happy Trails!


Don't forget to give your Honey a squeeze!

Until Next Time, Happy Trails!


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