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Well Howdy Wranglers!

As I told you so, we sometimes do not get a chance to update you on all things Ranching in any sort of timely way! So here is a quick rundown while I get my more creative thoughts on paper!

We had quite a Spring, often cold wet and miserable - all creatures not enjoying what Mother Nature was giving - and what she seems to continue to give!

Everything is late up in these parts: normally ready for grass by May 1st, we didn't open the gates until May 15th - and we really had to because we were running short of hay! What joy when our horses got out to spread their winter wings! you can see some of their antics on our Facebook site...

This year's calving season was pretty non-eventful (this is a good thing!) thanks to the great management skills in Nikki - she sure has an eye for those mammas and their babies!

We did have a very successful delivery out of our new Ranch Forage Freezer Beef. Happy comments keep trickling in. Our traditional Grass Finished Beef is sold out! Next ordering opportunity will be by November 1st for May delivery

Our phone and email has been buzzing since mid-March for riding time! Those who know us well, know to call and book our premium riding slots (the weekends) well in advance! We really do hate to disappoint and have started a bit of a cancellation list - just in case! Just so you know, June and July are pretty much full - with August not far from completely booked! Who would have thought that "now" is cetainly the time to be thinking of your Fall Colour Riding!

We have had a couple of really great Cattle 101 sessions, both Private bookings and our Scheduled events. People (and their horses) really enjoy this unique challenge

Well, that's it for now...hope all is well in your corner!

Don't forget to give your Honey a squeeze!

Until Next Time, Happy Trails!


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