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Well Howdy Wranglers!

It has been quite a week; truly winter. In a perverse sort of way my manly pride swells knowing nothing broke, all equipment started and worked, we had replacement heat lamp bulbs on hand for the one that did quit working. Still all steel water pipes here so if the frost sets in it is almost impossible to un-thaw until spring!

Water is so important, not just in general human terms but once cows have calved and produce milk, it becomes an all-important need to them as well. Speaking of calves, we have 11 calves on the ground including two sets of twins, and all are well. These calves are all from Nikki’s first Replacement Cow Purchase adventure. And what a great job she did!

I have been here for more than four decades, second generation and Nikki will be third, and still the wonder does not cease when you see the birth, on straw, inside or outside, and in five minutes, having come from Mom’s 32C degree temperature to take your first breath at minus 20C degree temperature, the struggle to get up and start to nurse – just one more way why Nature is so amazing, threatening one day, promising the next and giving all its creatures a chance to be all they can be.

The effect is a relatively constant relationship with Nature where it just cannot be helped that your mood improves or is heightened when you see a solid black calf nurse on a solid black cow, on yellow straw in a super cold, all white, winter wonderland, in the background green hay rolled out for all the others.

Mind you, it will be 2 a.m. shifts to check cows starting Thursday and I will not feel so chipper about Mother Nature and all its wonders then! We know to start the checks on the main herd on Thursday because it will be 278 days since we turned the bulls out and gestation is just that - 278 days - so busy we will be!

It is not all about cows here, as you know!

After a super busy season the horses have a deserved 3 months off, just being horses. Well fed, they are use to the rhythm of life here, chores in the afternoon and all. If Nikki and I are a little late, they are all at the gate as if to say” Boss, you are late”!!

The one thing I noticed more this year than any other is that as we drive out with the bale on the front end loader, they seem to know where we are headed (determined by the direction of the wind and where it is the most ‘still’ so they can eat without worrying about the weather). Along the way a lot of them lie down to roll. Rolling with energy, back and forth, as they get up the body is full of snow which is flying everywhere because of the vigorous shake and then they stride, with attitude like “See that, here I am” only to put their head down beside their buddy and eat. Those of you who follow Nikki’s well-managed Rawhide Adventures FaceBook page will have seen this as well. If anyone knows why they roll at that time, please let me know!

Believe it or not, we are getting organized for haying season! Yes, I have to laugh myself, always the optimist. We are learning how to make better hay through technology and more modern approaches ensuring the best quality possible. As an example sugars in plants are highest when the sun is not shining, so we should be cutting mainly from dusk 'til dawn, not the other way around! Improved nutrition will lead to improved beef, both for our Spring Freezer Beef market as well as the traditional August market.

As our thoughts turn to the Christmas season, and all the good wishes that are exchanged amongst people worldwide, I hope that we can truly hear and feel those wishes and extend them to the rest of the year, not just for the season.

Speaking of Spring! We have a Side still to sell for mid-May delivery. You can split it with a friend, or take a split yourself. If anyone is interested please look the ordering process up at www.pvrbeef.ca We are not just planning for hay.

NJ has posted our Schedule of Events Calendar and just as a heads up - we are almost sold out for the June 8th Cattle Clinic! She is also happy to help you organize your fair-weather riding adventure now - before the best dates/times are booked! Just send her an email and give her an idea as to what you are looking for - she can be very creative and put a great event together for you!

Wiarton Willie said six more weeks of winter: we say:


I hope you all stay sane and healthy, we can handle this and thrive in the knowledge that we are proud to be Canadian!

Don't forget Valentine's Day is almost upon us...give your Honey a squeeze!

Until Then, Happy Trails!


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