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Well Howdy Wranglers!

The last time I wrote you we had snow on the ground, no, not the beginning of June, but rather in late winter!

Fact is I had little to say! No hope in opening up; the current news cycle was killing me with negativity and I must admit that I felt somewhat guilty living and working out here, the splendor of nature all around, cows calving and the grass greening. Fully recognizing that many are struggling with life, money and responsibilities, it seemed wrong to say that we are doing okay.

Yet good news stories can also brighten one’s day, so that is my purpose for today. NJ always says I go around with rose-coloured glasses on, just too damn positive for her at times. Happy is a funny thing, and I am glad to be a man, since most of us don’t carry misgivings for long but move on and find the next "adventure". I tell her that happiness is relative to where you have been, the deeper in the dumps/despair/fear/pain of any kind, loss of security, poverty, loss of home, divorce and so on, the easier it is to find the ‘light’, happiness in not just little things or gestures from others, but true vibes in the tummy that tell you that this is a good day, that whatever just brought a smile to your lips and got the ‘happy’ feeling going, is truly earned because of where one came from. Figure it out for yourself, it is much easier, and way more fun to live in the ’light’ of happiness /appreciation /gratefulness for ones current spot in life than to descend into the misery of dark. Simply put, between “now and dead” time is indeed short, be the nicest person you can be and reap the smiles and happiness that that will bring.

I do have a little pet beef, (no pun intended) about the A&W commercial that ran this past winter featuring Ms. Beretta. How it ever made it past the screeners that she was standing in King Township Ontario, on her cell phone, letting every viewer know that her cattle are eating only what you can see - all year around - pointing to the green pastures. Thoughts of the pandemic having seriously messed with my brain had me drive past her place in March to look for that green grass and could not find any. What a relief, snow just like I thought there should have been, brain okay = happiness. See????

In June, we were so dry. It was actually kind of amazing. Hills were browning off in the second week of June, yet this “regenerative agriculture” we are practicing here since forever (but now has a name) helped to preserve every little bit of moisture that there was. The concern is that once eaten and so dry, nothing will grow back and therefore what will cows and horses graze on in September and October. Yes, you are reading this right, when considering rotational grazing you should be six to eight weeks ahead in your thinking so that today’s decisions don’t seem to be short sighted later on. Then the rains started in July.

We had started haying, reasonable crop so far, but now the rain is keeping us on a very short leash. Yet our livestock are hip-high in their grazing pastures – grasses growing like mad - and now we can't get at the hay...ahhh the stress!

With 40 horses out on grass, I am amazed at their willingness to work and to welcome new additions. Sunshine, the only horse born here 15 years ago, kept that string alive by giving birth to ‘Buttercup” (you have to look on facebook to see the Webster’s dictionary definition for ‘cuteness’ yourself! Are people still use dictionaries? I digress).

We also have three new horses that have joined our remuda and are learning the ropes of Ranch Life. Introducing Pongo, Dolly and Style:

We had a super successful Cattle Drive a few weekends past, great crew out who learned on the fly. Four brought their own horses, camped overnight and it was so good to see how well everyone did. A big shoutout to all for having been part of the only 14 people in Ontario to drive a herd of cows the old style way, John Wayne would have been proud of you all!!!

Freezer Beef orders continue to roll in - despite the fact that we are sold out for August and unofficially sold out for October! Thank you to all who support us! If you have any thoughts of allowing us to supply your family with grass finished Black Angus beef, please check out pvrbeef.ca . We will be contacting all our customers in October to see what their plans are for 2022 so that we can set aside enough livestock to support the growing need!

Enjoy the summer, and thank you to all how have left last year’s deposits with us to help see us through trying times and are now enjoying coming out and riding the range.

Until Next Time... Happy Trails!


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