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Well Howdy Wranglers!

Fall sure hit with a vengeance at the Ranch, well, all of the east of the continent really!  Just shows me how spoiled I have gotten over the last couple of decades, when fall felt more like we were living in Emma's North Carolina!  Many of you will remember that fabulous young lady who spent a couple of summers with us.

I sure have become used to 150 days of winter chores, planned our grazing rotation around that and how much hay we would need for the winter. A fall like this extends the winter feeding season by at least 30 days and thus our need for hay so we can properly feed the almost 50 horses and our 120 cows that call the Ranch home.

Having just crossed the beginning of another new decade for me personally, and remembering very well the seasons of decades ago, the hot summers and mountains of snow well into the month of May, management decision making patterns have adjusted to the new reality of the seasons, only to once again be reminded that ultimately Mother Nature is in charge of everything.

How times have changed indeed. Most of you who are reading this might relate: Just like I can look back over one, two, three or more than four full decades of ranching, so can you look over recent or longer ago times and decisions made. The biggest game changer, even in this business has been technology. When I first started out and wrote cash flow projections for the bank, they generally required a five year plan.  It became a 2 months per page hand written debits and credits paper monster and any 6 month update required a rewrite that took a week!  Now, with the help of Excel it takes all but a few minutes to develop the template and allows various scenarios to be played out with the simple keystroke changes.  And don't get me started on cell phones!!!

Yet another thing has not changed at all: It still takes sweet grass growing on rich mineralized soils, summer shade and a stress free environment to look after the Ranch's cows so that they can contribute to our fabulous grass fed beef. It takes the same sweet grass to power our horses, they also need a stress free, creature-just way to be and work. For them the work part is really important, when they do a job they like you can see how much better they feel.  That also reminds me that we are living" downstream" of history and "upstream" of the future. What I mean to say is that everything we, individually or collectively, have done in the past, effects us today and what we do today is the future experience for ourselves, and those following.

This summer was dry enough to make us worry if there would be enough grass for the fall. Then the August rains came and the grass became super lush. The horses were great all of the riding season, and as many of you noted, kept in great condition and are looking ready for the winter.

If you rode here after August 1st, you would likely have met Zoe who stayed with us until the beginning of November.  What a fabulous young woman she is;  we sure do thank her for all the effort and easy going manner she brought to us here at Rawhide. She is an example for young people everywhere, applying herself to the task, super polite yet honest when expressing herself and learning willingly and easily.  Zoe we miss you for sure!  Thank you for the "RV there yet?" stone - yet another example of your wonderful wit!  It has participated in our 2018 road trip more than you know!

As our thoughts turn to the Christmas season, and all the good wishes that are exchanged amongst people worldwide, I hope that we can truly hear and feel those wishes and extend them to the rest of the year, not just for the season.

May there be less acrimony (is that the right word), more happiness and laughter, more respect and tolerance for, and towards, each other in our lives.

NJ , Nikki and I are grateful to all of you for all your support and your efforts to make "downstream" smoother for all.

Until Then, Happy Trails!


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