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Well Howdy Wranglers!

The ‘unusual’ is becoming the ‘usual’ and if I find it difficult to make decisions affecting just our family and our family run business, I am so glad that I am not a politician or policy maker who have to make decisions for so many, with no blueprint in an ever changing scenario.

Personally I am so grateful to live where I do; not only in Canada, but also here on the Ranch. No matter what thoughts or feelings creep into my mind, at the end of the day manure needs to be spread, hay made, straw baled and hauled home, barns need maintaining for the inevitable onslaught of wind and snow, fences mended and prepped for winter, and in some cases for next spring, and last but not least firewood needs to be cut to keep us warm for the coming season. Point is, I do not have much time to contemplate the bigger picture for too long or things will just not get done around here!

What remains ‘usual’ for me is that we are truly grateful to all of you who have either been here for a ride already or tried to book. It is hard on Nikki, who handles all the bookings, to always say "Sorry we are already booked" when the calls/emails come in. We are completely booked now until the end of October, not because we do not have enough horses here, rather that the available time to ride is spent with just one or two riders at a time, we feel we cannot do bigger groups for obvious reasons. It also takes time to disinfect saddle and bridles and to space bookings so people don’t cross paths up here. I sincerely hope, with the rest of humanity, that next year will be different, yet I am not holding my breath. Just one day at a time.

The growing season has been nothing short of phenomenal up here, just enough dry during haying season to get a great crop home, and wet ever since to keep the pastures growing. Often browned off in late August, nothing but richness this year! The results are obvious, fat momma cows and horses, carrying lots of meat into the changing of the season.

Our freezer beef has had the busiest season ever, and we continue to deliver out to porches across Southern Ontario! We have met so many wonderful people and shared lots of stories about these COVID times - a special shout out to Julianna for her twirls, and to Madeline for being such a great "big sister"!. We are now planning for 2021. With three delivery months: May, August and November, we must now decide which, and how many, calves to carry for the winter. If you ever had a thought to try it, please look up our Grass Finished Beef website and let us know your intentions before Halloween. I know that this past year, just like with Rawhide bookings, we have disappointed a lot of people, as we ran out of beef! Not a nice feeling for either us or potential customers. We don't need deposits until closer to the delivery date - we just need to know "who's in"!

One saving grace for a hard driving guy like myself have truly been the horses and the many wonderful people we meet. It seems healing to be able to talk to riders on the rides. It's funny how we all face the same worries and have similar wishes. Clearly not as much divided as we might think at times, but truly in this together and connected on a very human level. And then there are the horses, quiet, calming the mind when given a hug, great listeners and never a fear that they will tell on you or divulge your deepest secrets to anyone. If I have a ‘horse talk session’ one day, I can go back two days later and do it again, without ever hearing something like: ”you told me this already two days ago” or  ”I know that already” ;)

My wish for us all is to stay focused, know what we actually have influence over in our daily lives and realize we are truly in this together.

It's the Hugs and Handshakes I miss the most - so, eHugs to you!

Stay safe and same and don't forget to give your Honey a squeeze! (and wash your hands... )

Until Next Time... Happy Trails!


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