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Well Howdy Wranglers!

March sure came in like a lion, a real winter storm up here and yet we came through it okay, as did all our creatures. The day after it woke up the skunks, welcome spring!

I know, I know, a might be early to declare that, yet we are excited about this spring and summer, and literally can not wait to get out there and ride with you. Hopefully the break in the weather will allow us to start clearing the trails so we can get out there early as well.

Horses look in great shape, a testament to a fairly gently winter season, no real storms to speak of and great hay from last summer. Ranching as close with nature as we do (some call this regenerative agriculture) shows us that everything we do, or that mother nature contributes, is connected.  The results of one season, good or bad, will not show up until the year after.

On the cow side it is even longer. If you choose a heifer calf, let's say in 2021 to keep her to become a breeding cow, her worth as a mother will not really prove itself until 3 years later:

  • The February 2021 heifer calf is born and is selected for our "replacement program",
  • She will be bred May 2022,
  • She will calve in February 2023,   
  • Her calf’s weight in November 2023 will determine her productivity

Since Nikki now chooses our replacement heifers, she will have to choose wisely!

Our Freezer Beef orders continue to roll in!  We are already sold out for our May and August offering.  There is still availability for October - but likely not for long! If you have any thoughts of allowing us to supply you with beef this coming year please check out pvrbeef.ca and get your order in!

I was asked to write about what horses have taught me, what a wonderful complicated request! A little scary because so many things I learn depend on so many different inputs. Yet here is one of the many lessons.  

I heard Nikki say a couple of days ago in an interview that a horse just wants you to be present in the moment. That sentence brought into focus what MC (My Cheyenne) - a horse that saw me through almost 35 years of my adulting life - wanted me to know all along.

When I first got her, I was much younger and full of piss and vinegar.  I would go out and try to catch her to go riding and the harder I tried the less willing she became. Then the next day I just walked out and put the lead line around her neck and off we went. The next time the chase was on again! Over a decade I had to realise that she was always the same, yet I was very different from day to day. Pressures of life and business, weather and broken machinery always wormed their way into my head, even when I was getting ready for a ride. MC always saw that in me and could tell from 400 yards away that “today” I was in a messy mood and it was not going to be any fun carrying me!

Over time I learned this, and tried to fake her out, do breathing exercises before I went out to get her, or anything else I could think of to calm my inner self, to little avail. Maybe I got within 100 yards, but nevertheless, she would take one look and say “not today Cowboy” - and off she'd go!  Crazy lesson to learn to be truly in the moment. To this day I find it really hard, yet am getting better and have much better success with anything horsey.

For MC and I, we had a great 15 years together, before I passed her on to others on the Ranch to ride.  She was an awesome teacher for everyone and I honour her to this day and am immensely grateful to her.

This “being in the moment” holds true for so many things in life, most everything I have done from travel, to love, to simply walking to work, starting a tractor, to meeting people, spending time with friends and family, guiding a ride or sitting at an auction sale, being in the moment has enriched my life to no end.

Thanks MC. More to come!

Don't forget to give your Honey a squeeze!

Until Next Time, Happy Trails!


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