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Well Howdy Wranglers!

As I told you so, we sometimes do not get a chance to update you on all things Ranching in any sort of timely way! So here is a quick rundown while I get my more creative thoughts on paper!

We have successfully completed our harvest for 2019 - Hay and Straw is in and under cover! It was quite the adventure trying to stay ahead of the weather but it seemed once we started, the sunshine came (sometimes relentless) making for a pretty tired crew around here. Then came the call for Straw - and it kept raining!!!! Crazy climate-change! But its done - and in! As we feed out through the winter - especially -25C days, we will remember these +30 stretches!

We have had a couple of really great Cattle 101 sessions, our guests really enjoy this unique challenge! So much so that our Scheduled sessions are now all booked! For those of you who want to create your own Private session, we are happy to do that - there is still some availability during the week. You can bring your own horse - or use one of ours - just reach out, we can be creative!

Our Off-Ranch Cattle Drives have also been great this year - always a crowd pleaser! Don't forget, these drives are not for beginners - you need to be able to sit/post the jog, listen to instruction and be able to react at a moments notice.... not for the faint of heart!

Our phone and email has been buzzing since mid-March for riding time! Those who know us well, know to call and book our premium riding slots (the weekends) well in advance! We really do hate to disappoint and have started a bit of a cancellation list - just in case!

Just so you know though, October is pretty much booked - all weekends are now booked with some week-days left - but really not much better! We will be taking a bit of a break for November and December - but will be starting up the calendar again in January so be ready with your thoughts on what you plan to do for the 2020 Fair Weather Riding season!

Well, that's it for now...hope all is well in your corner!

Don't forget to give your Honey a squeeze!

Until Next Time, Happy Trails!


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