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The Rawhide Crew...

You have just moved a herd of cattle. As the sun goes down over the hills you and the other wranglers head to the campsite for a "Range Riders" night.

Unsaddle and feed the horses, then settle around the campfire to swap stories. After a hearty supper, you sleep under the stars. Next morning, you eat a wrangler's breakfast and you're back in the saddle, heading for the ranch.

Sounds like a dream – but it’s our reality! Rawhide Adventures Inc. works out of Peace Valley Ranch Limited, est. 1965 by the Cosack Family. Peace Valley Ranch Limited is a working cattle and horse ranch located in the high hills of Mulmur township, Ontario, approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes northwest of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

The Crew

We are a working ranch, we don't pamper, nor do we offer single file trail riding. What we do offer is a chance to explore hundreds of acres of panoramic hill country on the back of some of the finest horses east of Calgary.

We ride for various reasons - every day: the cowboy work in the winter includes calving cows, tagging calves and in late spring we sort the herd matching cows with bulls for breeding purposes. To participate in some of this work you need to have considerable experience and we accommodate no more than a few guests at a time.

Through the spring, summer and fall we move cattle for rotational grazing management. We are always out to check fences and service water stations. This riding is suitable for all levels. Combine it with great pleasure riding and these activities give our adventurers some real stories to take home.

During the fall we pregnancy check, separate calves, remove bulls from the herd and do other herd health related work. Most is suitable for all levels. Our off ranch Cattle Drives are a true crowd pleaser – this event requires some experience and a reservation.

Over the years all levels and ages of riders have enjoyed their experience here. Why not come and check us out too?

Ranchin' Anecdotes

When visiting, please note that a working Ranch has its own environment. For everyone’s safety consider the following:

  • Please drive slowly, you never know where the next bull might come from.
  • Park in the designated area. That way we can ensure the survival of your car in case of stampeding cattle or runaway farm machinery
  • Bring your minors, but please provide a mature chaperone for their stay. Their safety and behavior is your responsibility.
  • The mother cow's protective instinct is only equaled by yours. Inherently they consider dogs their mortal "wolf like" enemy. Please keep yours in the vehicle or, after checking with us, on a leash.
  • Let us know beforehand if you have any medical problems that might require special knowledge from our trail boss.
  • There is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the privileges of being 19 or older, but never before we ride!
  • Curiosity finally killed the cat. Please allow us to show you around.
  • Remember, the only embarrassing question is the one not asked.
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Email: service@rawhide-adventures.on.ca
Phone: 519-925-0152
Mailing Address: 638135 Prince of Wales Road
Mulmur, Ontario, L9V 0C5