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We have put a lot of effort into our ground and flat work training sessions on our own horses with wonderful results and can extend that success to your horse. We have evolved our Training program in conjunction with our Trail Clinics over the past few years. We are avid believers that respect starts from the ground on up and have results to prove it. We expect you to be involved so that you can acquire and maintain the skills we start on your horse!  Training sessions and your lessons will be adjusted to suit you and your horse's needs. We can provide trailering for the cost of the fuel.  Each horse is assessed during the first week of any of our training and if we feel we will not be able to work with your horse, your horse and any fees paid will be returned to you.

Tune Up
Tune In
Start Your Horse

Tune Up and Tune In Packages

Based on conversation and assessment, give us your horse for a month (or more) and we will help shake out the cobwebs and get him or her back on track for a successful season of riding.  

We all know what it's like to re-start a horse in the spring - or after we have had a bad scare or fall!   Through the use of sound training practices including leadership management and a variety of obstacles, our program will provide smart insurance and will lessen the anxiety of taking your horse out.

Tune Up...

Our Tune Up package includes:

  • Your Horse's Training Time - focus on groundwork
  • Your horse's board: You can pick between Pasture Board or Stall Board
  • Your weekly private lesson (additional lessons may be requested)

Upon completion of the first month of training, we will make recommendations regarding your horse's progress and determine if further Tune-up is required or if you want to proceed to the Tune-in phase or if its graduation day and time to go home!

Tune In...

Our Tune In package can follow the Tune-up and is a maintenance program which includes:

  • Your Horse's Training Time - the focus here is more on riding and getting trail savvy
  • Your horse's board: You can pick between Pasture Board or Stall Board
  • Lessons can be scheduled in addition to your horse's sessions
  • You have full use of Ranch facilities and Ranch Trail system

Starting Your Horse

We have had the great opportunity of starting a variety of special horses! After discussion and assessment, we will take your halter-broke horse through our fundamental exercises to establish the proper respectful foundation and then through a series of weight-bearing exercises and finally through some serious flatwork. Our Start Your Horse package includes:

  • Your Horse's Training Time  
  • Your horse's board: You can pick between Pasture Board or Stall Board
  • Your weekly private lesson (yes, you need to participate so that you can do the same exercises at home!)

Upon the completion of the first month of training, we will discuss your horse's progress and recommend if further sessions are required to proceed to graduation day!

If you would like further information on any of our training offering send us an email or give us a call to discuss things further!

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