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Join the Rawhide Crew and Lease a Fabulous Ranch Horse!

So, you have always thought about owning a horse but were afraid of the hidden expenses of ownership or the limited time you might have to spend with your horse.  Why not get the best of both worlds, join our gang and lease one of our horses?!  Building a bond with a horse is rewarding and uplifting and by leasing, you can become a true partner with your horse without the bulk expense of buying and maintaining it yourself!  We only have space for 10 riders in our posse so book your assessment time soon and join the Rawhide Riding Gang!

Let's walk through the basics of our leasing program:

How does the program work?
The Assessment Process
The Rules
Discounts on Booking a Rawhide Adventure
Frequently Asked Questions

How does our lease program work?

For "Fairweather Riders": you can lease a horse from May 1st to October 31st . For you more hardy bunch, our leasing program goes year round!

What people love about our horses is how well behaved they are.  Keeping horses working is what keeps them engaged and maintains their mental and physical health. In our program, your horse will be available to you every day of the week!  We have two fee options:

  • $300.00 + HST per month if you supply the saddle, blanket and cinch (it has to fit the horse we choose)
  • $350.00 + HST per month if we supply the saddle, blanket and cinch


  • Rider must be able to sit/post the jog otherwise lessons will be mandatory
  • OEF Membership for insurance purposes (or alternate provider)
  • Clinton Anderson Down Under Horsemanship (DUH) Membership (refunded after a successful 6 month lease.)

Fees  include:

  • Exclusive use of a pretty fabulous horse  
  • Gear – Bridle, Saddle, Saddle Blanket, Cinch (see costs above)
  • Worming program
  • Trimming the horses feet
  • Access to:
    • Indoor arena
    • Outdoor sand ring
    •  Miles of marked Ranch Trails
    • A scheduled monthly, guided, group ride to expand your horizons and your skill

Fees do not cover the cost of items such as:

  • your grooming kit: brushes, hoof pick, lead, fly sprays etc
  • your helmet, boots and other personal riding clothing
  • Participating in Rawhide Events or clinics
  • Additional riding lessons (available at our reasonable rates)

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The Assessment Process

Of course, we will need to match you up with one of our horses. We ask you to book your assessment and take a morning or afternoon to come to the Ranch.  We charge $100.00 plus HST for the initial assessment.   $50 will be deducted from your first month’s lease payment should you choose to lease one of our horses:

The Assessment Appointment will go something like this:

  • Meet you:  Have a chat with you about you, your riding experience and our horse management philosophy.  We will also answer any of your concerns or questions.
  • Meet the herd: We will go out to the herd and meet the horses that could be your potential match.  We will narrow the horse decision down while chatting and engaging with the horses
  • Rail Assessment: You will bring your horse back to the rail in order to brush and saddle
  • Corral Assessment: Your initial riding assessment will be conducted in the corral (walk, jog, lope)
  • Trail Assessment:  Your riding assessment will be continued on the trail (walk and jog) as we see fit

Your first month will include that one of us is available to you so you can learn the lay out of the Ranch and the way of your horse.   Before you can ride the trails on your own, you have to achieve "Trail Worthy" status. 

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The Rules

Of course for all this to work, there have to be rules that need to be followed!
  • When you sign the lease you will also be required to sign the Rawhide Waiver and Liability Release.
  • You MUST be an OEF member in good standing
  • You MUST wear a helmet when riding
  • You MUST wear proper ranch riding attire (no shorts or sandles allowed!)
  • You MUST ride with a working cell phone but only use it in case of an emergency
  • You MUST sign an in-out sheet
  • Riding with a buddy is strongly encouraged
  • No loping on ranch trails – it’s not about speed it’s about finesse
  • Never allow you horse to eat while you are in the saddle
  • No treats, just hugs, soft voice and good touches!
  • No riding on the road.  You can cross the road to access a trail head, but side road riding is strictly off limits
  • Leave all gates exactly how you found them – you will need to be able to mount your horse without a mounting block!

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Discounts for Booking A Rawhide Adventure

You might want to book a Rawhide Adventure and ride on your own or with friend(s).  Your friend(s) will be charged full fare for the adventure, however, you will be charged based on the following table:

Adventure Booked

Adventure Booked On Riding Day



With friends

Cowboy Up

$40 Wrangler Fee

No Charge

Wranglers Day

$80 Wrangler Fee

No Charge

Range Rider’s Night

½ Price

½ Price

Rawhide Special Events

½ price

½ Price


All fees plus HST

As with all Rawhide rides: we ride to accommodate the least capable rider.  Don’t forget, we ride by reservation only!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if my horse becomes unsound?  If your horse comes up unsound, we will substitute (after a shortened assessment, free of charge) an alternate while your horse heals
  2. What happens if I don’t get along with my horse? If things are just not working out with the horse we have picked for you, we will strive to work with you to find a replacement.  We will conduct a shortened assessment (free of charge) during your elected riding days.  In the end, if we cannot satisfy the rider in you, you can terminate the lease at the end of the current month.
  3. Why do I need a Clinton Anderson DUH Membership?  There are lots of horse trainers out there and we at Rawhide certainly enjoy the nuggets offered by each. We have focused our attention on Clinton Anderson as his no-fuss ways most clearly match the way we do things and his results are pretty magical. We want you to maintain the communication style (training and manners) we use - keeping everyone - horse and rider -  on the same page!
  4. What if I want to lease year-round?  That option is open to you.  We limited the fair weather gang due to most of our ridership going off skiing or sunning for the winter!  By not being bound to an annual lease you have more flexibility.  You can pick up in the "new year" simply by paying your 1st month's lease fee in advance
  5. How do I make sure I get my horse back the next year?You can pick up in the "new year" simply by paying your 1st month's lease fee in advance
  6. How do I get “Trail Worthy” status?  Through our general observations, monthly group rides and our lesson program we will assess your ability to be able to handle your horse and our trails on your own.
  7. How old do I have to be to join the gang?  You must be 16yrs of age or older to join the gang.  Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in a separate leasing arrangement.
Email: service@rawhide-adventures.on.ca
Phone: 519-925-0152
Mailing Address: 638135 Prince of Wales Road
Mulmur, Ontario, L9V 0C5