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Rawhide Trail Clinics

The Basics

Being safe on the trail starts from the ground on up. If your horse is confident in you as its leader, this will translate to confidence on the trail. Join us for our Trail clinics where we will demonstrate and instruct participants on the fundamentals of gaining respect on the ground and translating that to respect in the saddle. Additionally, desensitizing your horse to the obstacles and hazards that can “pop” up on the trail can only better equip you and your horse for similar experiences on the trail.  Added bonuses: working with cows AND and overnight camping experience!

Maximum Number of Attendees: 6 (3 Spots still Available for July 5th Clinic)  To register for our Trail Clinic Series, send us an email or give us a call to see if there is any room to join!

The Series

  • Trail 101 - June 21
    • AM 3 hrs - Leadership & Respect (you and your horse)
    • PM 4 hrs - Obstacles & Hazards, Ranch Ride
  • Concentrated Trail 101 - July 4
    • We are re-running our Leadership & Respect exercises - for those who missed TC101 and want to join TC102
    • PM 3 hrs - Gaining Leadership Respect on the Ground
  • Trail 102 - July 5
    • AM 3 hrs - Review, Leadership & Respect, Obstacles & Hazards
    • PM 4 hrs - Real Trails: Hills, Slides, Gates, Water, Separation
  • Trail 103 - July 26
    • AM 3 hrs - Review, Leadership & Respect, Cattle 101
    • PM 4 hrs - Cattle 102
  • Trail 104 - Aug 15/16
    • DAY 1:
      • AM 3 hrs - Review, Camp Readiness
      • PM 4 hrs – Real Trails; Setup Camp; OVERNIGHT
    • DAY 2:
      • AM – Leave-no-Trace; Real Trail
      • PM – Lunch; Departure


  • Riders must be able to post/sit the jog
  • OEF Membership (or proof of insurance by alternate provider)

What's Included...

  • Full Day sessions (8:00am arrival, 9:00am - 5:00pm activities)
  • Bring your own horse - or use one of ours for the clinic
  • We provide water and snacks
  • Meals:
    • Trail 101 – 103: Bring your own lunch
    • Trail 104: Bring your own lunch for DAY1 and campfire snacks and beverage, we provide campfire Dinner, Breakfast and homecoming lunch


Total for the four clinics:
  • Your own horse: $700 plus HST
  • Use our Horse: $900 plus HST

If you would like further information, or would like to register for our Trail Clinic Series, send us an email or give us a call to see if there is any room to join!

Email: service@rawhide-adventures.on.ca
Phone: 519-925-0152
Mailing Address: 638135 Prince of Wales Road
Mulmur, Ontario, L9V 0C5