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What to Wear…

For some crazy reason, this year was the year of the fashion statement! Even though we tell people what to wear, and we direct them here for information on what to wear, some people chose to do their own thing and came back from their ride with scratched arms or scratched cold ankles!

We ask you to choose your attire carefully - and follow our guidelines as what you wear will definitely affect your riding comfort!

So, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes...here are our suggestions:

  • Headgear

    • We provide helmets but if you have your own bring it because it probably fits you the best!
    • Please tie long hair back - riding with your hair whipping in the wind is fun - not so when it tangles in branches!
    • Leave your dangly jewelry at home - we will never find it if you lose it out there!
  • Underwear

    • Women - please  consider a sport bra
    • Men - do not wear boxer shorts - you will be soary oops sorry!
  • Tops

    • We do a lot of bush riding so long sleeved shirts are the best
    • Remember to outfit yourself with a top fitting for the season but please no tube tops or camisoles
  • Pants

    • Comfortable jeans are the best choice
    • PLEASE! No shorts,Capris or silky/nylon yoga pants!
  • Footwear

    • Boots with a small heel are preferred
    • A good running shoe is better than hiking boots
    • PLEASE no 6" heeled fashion boots
    • PLEASE wear socks!
    • and make sure your socks cover your ankles!
  • Seasonal Wear:

    • The Snow comes early here - and its about 5 degrees cooler here through the fall and winter!
    • Gloves bring them!
    • A jacket appropriate for the weather
    • Ski Long underwear if you have it
    • PLEASE wear socks!
    • and make sure your socks cover your ankles! I cannot believe I have to repeat this one!
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